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        Acrovyn Doors – the New Normal

        Acrovyn Door Installation

        Acrovyn Door Installation

        If there’s one area in any given building?that gets more abuse than others, it has to be doorways. Flooring would run a close second, but flooring is generally designed to withstand the daily rigors of foot traffic. Doors are another subject altogether.

        Think about how many times you have personally attempted to open a door and mistakenly slammed into it because you were going faster than your hand was turning the knob. Or maybe you can remember the times you’ve seen or heard (or done it yourself) a door slam way too hard due to air flow or even anger? What about the times you’ve seen someone turn the handle and then kick the door open with their foot? All this and more is commonplace in our businesses and homes… not to mention the simple stress of opening and closing dozens (if not hundreds) of time each and every day.?It’s no wonder doors get worn out so quickly and lose their luster way before their appointed time.

        One of the newer products?available?is Acrovyn doors. Acrovyn is an acrylic polymer that will provide amazing strength and durability. Acrovyn Doors are designed to withstand constant daily abuse. PVC-Free Acrovyn Doors feature replaceable, patented stiles and edge guards on both the strike and hinge sides. They are more resistant to tearing, cracking and chipping than Wood veneer and HPL Doors.

        The results speak for themselves. Here is what Nick Tedesco of St.?Joseph’s?Medical Center in Phoenix had to say about Acrovyn Doors:

        Keeping our world class healthcare facility clean and neat is a constant battle. Our patient room doors were constantly being subjected to damage from traffic and rolling equipment. Two years ago we began using Acrovyn Doors and they’ve eliminated the constant cycle of repair and replacement we were experiencing with our wood and PLAM doors. The Acrovyn Doors still look great, just like the day they were installed, and they have helped to substantially reduce the amount of time our staff used to spend repairing or replacing the doors.

        A large number of designers who used the original Acrovyn Door asked Construction Specialties if they could manufacture custom panel doors for applications that require a less institutional feel. In?response?to this need, C/S Acrovyn Panel Doors are now?offered in eight standard designs, with ?patented replaceable stiles. They are perfect for nursing homes and hotels and can also be manufactured to your specific custom design requirements.

        For details and samples on these doors or to discuss your specific requirements, give us a call at Sterling Business Materials and we’ll find the right door to fit your needs.