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        Joan Y. Ervin Elementary – Lubbock ISD

        Irvin Elem 300The crown jewel of the recent LISD bond package is the newly completed Joan Y Ervin Elementary School in east Lubbock. A merger of the old Wheatley and Iles elementary schools, this new facility is state of the art in technology and design. Designed by BGR Architects and built by Lee Lewis Construction, this new school features many of our products.

        In each classroom there are marker and tack boards by Claridge. All the restrooms in the facility have solid plastic toilet compartments by Scranton Products. Wall protection and corner guards by Construction Specialties are located throughout. The exterior of the building features beautiful new bronze flagpoles by Concord Industries and building letters by Southwell.

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        Ervin Elementary? ? ? ? ?? Ervin Elementary? ? ? ? ?? Ervin Elementary Marker/Tack Boards? ? ? ? ?? Ervin Elementary Restroom Stalls

        Coronado High School Cafeteria Renovation

        Coronado High School

        Coronado High School, Lubbock, TX

        Coronado High School
        Lubbock, TX

        Construction Cost: The cafeteria is roughly 10% of a projected $11 million campus renovation.

        Completion Date:?Total renovation completion is scheduled for the Fall of 2013.

        Purpose:?Complete renovation/addition as part of the LISD bond election and the initiative to close the campuses of all high schools and make the cafeterias more appealing to the students.

        Contractor/Client: Lee Lewis Construction

        Description: As part of the renovation of the school cafeteria, Sterling Building Materials provided materials from several different manufacturers, including:

        • toilet partitions by Scranton Products in the new restrooms
        • FE and cabinets by Larsen’s throughout the complex
        • Dedication plaque by Southwell
        • Aluminum floor hatch by Bilco