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        Sterling Building Supplies features products from a large number of manufacturers. Choose from the list below, or from the Products drop down menu above. In addition, if you know the product you need and are not sure who manufactures it, you can you the search function in the upper right of the page.

        Construction Specialties Claridge Products Scranton Products Draper inc
        Concord Industries Wooster Products Larsens The Southwell Company
        American Sanitary Partition Corp bilco

        Sterling Building Materials offers an expansive list of products from the manufacturers above, as well as many more. Some of the products not covered above include:

        • Interior ADA signs
        • Toilet accessories
        • Alternating tread stairs
        • Wire mesh partitions
        • Steel scissor gates
        • Dock bumpers
        • Landscape furnishings
        • Mailboxes/Postal specialties
        • Hat/coat rack units

        If you are in need of something that you cannot locate on our site, please make use of our search capabilities. We’ll find what you need.